Our Story

Trinity Root was founded by Josh Gayle, a Canadian from urban Alberta. Josh is a young man inspired by creativity, art and design. Josh's heartfelt desire is to produce great products with responsible sourcing. 

Starting with many years of design experience, Trinity Root and it's partners were able to produce great quality apparel for a good price.

"Creating a great design usually starts with a light bulb moment and a sketch pad." Josh Gayle

In It for Christ

Trinity Root is a Christian apparel store. We are in it for Jesus, and the people in the world around us. 

It's Important To Know Your Clothes

What we value


Community Pushes Us To Serve By Working With Others We Can Build Up The Church And The World!

Comfort with style

We Love Designing Cool Comfy Clothing That Make You Look Good And Feel Good Too.

Responsible And Reliable

With Thousands Of Products Produced Around The World Each Year, Consumers Can Have A Tricky Time Finding Responsibly Sourced Clothing And Gifts. It Doesn't Matter What You Purchase From Our Shop You Can Do It With a Clear Conscience.

Chat With us we want to hear from you!

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